Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gamma - O Supplements for athletes

Gamma oryzanol has been used to treat medical conditions, including heart burn, nausea, vomiting, under active thyroid, physical injuries, and muscular aches and pains in the medical world.
As a nutritional supplement, gamma oryzanol has become popular among athletes and bodybuilders because it may boost strength, increase muscle gain, reduce body fat, speed recovery and reduce post-exercise soreness. Elevated testosterone levels are thought to be responsible for these effects.
Gamma- O has been proven to have very strong antioxidant activity. In fact, one study showed that it was up to ten times stronger than vitamin E for scavenging free radicals from the body and preventing tissue damage that results from free radical action.
The way Gamma-O works to make your own body run more efficiently it will bring your levels to peak performance whether you're a man or woman. It works on your hypothalamus to make your pituitary run more efficiently. No matter how someone takes it, it brings your hormones to optimal levels. For instance, testosterone in men should be up around 800ng per dc. But in women it is 70ng per dc. Your levels will only be in this range if you are running at optimal levels. Gamma O gets you there.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

All Natural Promera Health Con-Cret

Promera Health Con-Cret crushes the myth that you need to load-up to get big results. This translates into a lower cost per daily-dose then most products on the market today. This breakthrough lets you carry it with you to ensure the most explosive workouts imaginable. There are many creatine products out there in the market but there has never been a conjugated creatine more aligned with your body's natural biochemistry like Promera Health Con-Cret . Con-Cret is naturally symbolic with how your system processes and distributes amino acid.
Con-Cret Benefits: No Fillers No Sugar No Calories No Loading No Side-Effects Highly Pure Promotes Endurance and Recovery Immediately Dramatic Strength and Muscle Building For Block-Hard Muscles The First and Only Concentrated Creatine Promotes Dramatic Strength and Muscle BuildingCon-Cret research confirms that the Con-Cret molecule is more potent, more bio-available, and more efficiently processed by the body than any creatine supplement on the market (ester or otherwise).
Promera Health Con-Cret is pure concentrated creatine is safe and natural. It contains only ONE ingredient. And it offers both athletes and work-out enthusiasts dramatic results in strength, endurance. and recovery. There are no illegal substances in CON-CRET. As a matter of fact, no other legal supplement has proven to be as effective in increasing athletic performance (strength, endurance and recovery) as CON-CRET.
Many users compliment that it’s the best creatine on the market with the pros being increased energy, Builds muscle, Increases strength and small doses but the Cons being the Taste. Supplements are for effectiveness and NOT TASTE!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

USP Labs Jack3d Review

USP Labs Jack3d was a paradigm-shifter when it was newly released with as few as just 6 ingredients and eliminating all the junk fat storing components that the other muscle stacks had. It had 3 versions till date and is currently a perfect intense pre workout supplement.

Jack3d is a pre-workout supplement from USPLabs. Many people put it in the "nitric oxide" category because it contains arginine
Who doesn't want tons of energy, strength, stamina and endurance for intense workouts? Having the perfect combination of ingredients consumed pre workout to deliver consistently amazing workouts to help you achieve your goals is incomparable.
USP Labs Jack3d provides lasting energy, in addition to muscle pumps. You will have no crash, bloating, headaches or blown workouts. This is one of the User reviews on USP Labs Jack3d

‘The caffeine and 1,3 dimethylamylamine (germanium extract) in Jack3d help raise my body heat and heart rate to a point where I'm ready to workout after just a half mile on the treadmill. The intensity is amazing, but here's the kicker - the FOCUS! I've never been so in the zone. Blinders were on; it felt like I was alone in the gym with my music, and everyone else was a mere ant compared to what I was working on. Yesterday's pump was the best. It was leg day, and I was blowing the squat rack up. I couldn't believe myself and had to make sure I wasn't making a fool of myself. I then decided that I was having too good of a workout and let out some amazing grunts. “

So get yourself ready for an intense workout with USP Labs Jack3d