Wednesday, January 23, 2013



We would like to inform you that the Centers for Disease Control informed the public that an unusually aggressive flu virus is circulating – H3N2. This virus tends to spread from October to May, with most cases occurring in January or February.

According to the CDC, vaccination is safe and effective and is the single best way to help protect yourself and your family from the flu each year. Since the strain of the virus and the vaccine can change every year, it is recommended to take a vaccine every year. This treatment for the flu is not 100% effective, so we are suggesting the following as additional safe guards:

1.     Immune building Supplements
a.      Vitamins – C, D, E, CO Q10
b.     Ribose and Resveratrol
c.      Probiotics
d.     Echnacea

2.     Avoid Contact with Sick People
3.     Do Not Touch Eyes, Mouth or Nose
4.     Wash Your Hands Throughout the Day
5.     Clean and Disinfect Surfaces or Objects that May Cause Contamination
6.     Eat a Good Balanced Diet
7.     Don’t forget the Chicken Soup (Hot) always recommends you discuss all medical issues with your healthcare professional.