Friday, November 28, 2014

Increase ATP level with Betancourt Nutrition Creatine Micronized 525 g

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is popular as the cells’ main energy source. In the body, it aids in various functions that include muscle contraction and protein production. Generally, there no obvious ways to definitively increase the amount of ATP produced by the body. Intrestingly, there are some supplements that may help people of all sizes and types boost the levels of their ATP. Although there is no dearth of supplements boasting of increasing your ATP levels, yet you must consult your health-care provider as these supplements may not be safe for everyone and can cause adverse effects. When it comes to buying a high quality supplement that is reliable, made from high quality ingredients and leaves no side effect on your body, Betancourt Nutrition Creatine Micronized 525 g catches all eyes.

Althletes consume creatine supplements to increase their energy levels. Creatine is an amino acid made by the body naturally. It can also be changed into ATP, during exercise, in order to increase the atheletes’ performance and energy levels. Betancourt nutrition creatine micronized is made by Betancourt Nutrition, a premier online health and wellness destination that offers the best bodybuilding and sports supplements. The US-made supplement is a boon for enhancing athletic performance and increase ATP.

The supplements has a lot of benefits:

  • It effectively enhances recovery from training.
  • It also promotes muscle glycogen maintenance.
  • It delays fatigue, boosts power output and maximizes absorption.
  • It support increases in strength, muscle mass and volume.
  • It reduces myostatin to trigger the growth of muscles growth.

As one of the best-known creatine supplement, betancourt nutrition creatine micronized is highly useful in augmenting explosive bouts of exercise, increasing muscle mass and reducing myostatin levels with no negative effects on the body. To get an enhanced performance and better health output, consume Creatine Micronized with water or juice. You can take the supplement post-workout or pre-workout.

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